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Everyone is telling recruiters they need to change.

So, you might be thinking, “OK, I get it. Change is key. But specifically, in what areas is this change meant to take place?”

Good question!

Well, luckily, we have The Savage Truth here to tell you 🙂

In my opinion, this is where you should be changing the ways you have always worked.

How you find candidates. Don’t rely on Job Boards and LinkedIn. Sure, use them if they still work, but increasingly they will let you down. You need to be a skills-hunter (candidate identification through highly sophisticated sourcing tactics), and a talent-magnet. (The best talent comes to you, because of reputation, brand and thought leadership, driven by social and digital content).

How you win clients: Most of our business development tactics are from the eighties, or earlier! The world has changed. Blind, untargeted, cold-calling is ineffective. You know this. We need to learn new techniques, including building personal brand, sophisticated networking, and social-selling.

How you engage: Get your hand off it! Your keyboard that is. Let’s have less desk-top. Less lap-top. More neck-top! Of course we must harness the best cutting-edge technology, but please, stop hiding behind technology, dumbing down recruitment, and decreasing our value. Insights and advice and process management is where the money is, so build partnerships and hone influencing skills.

How you sell. The future is social-selling. Don’t misunderstand me. Please. You still sell. You still open doors. You still make calls. You still meet prospects. The cold-call used to be the conversation starter. Now, social selling, via brand, content, social, online engagement, is the conversation starter, but it does leverage into a telephone conversation or a face-to-face conversation.

Stop doing what does not work. Blind cold-calling, spamming people on LinkedIn, screening thousands of irrelevant job-board candidates, writing bland, cliché-ridden ads, endless internal meetings about shit. I am not telling you to work harder. I am asking you to work smarter.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 2.20.36 pm

Your self-image. What I mean here is your belief in what you are and what you can offer. Grow your recruiter equity. If you behave like a loser, you will become a loser. A good recruiter does good things. Something to be proud of. We find people work. We help companies succeed through talent. We do it better than anyone else. Stand tall!

Your public image. I am telling you true. Your personal brand matters. It starts with how you treat people in real life. That is the birth of your reputation. But then it is amplified via digital and social. Work it!

The type of business you accept. This has to change too. Have some pride. Reject crappy margins and clients that treat you with disrespect. Be smart; don’t race each other to the bottom by competing on speed and price.

Your ‘value’ to customers. What they will pay you for has changed. Ask yourself. Do you give your clients résumés? Or do you give them insights? And in the end, the only recruiters who thrive are those who can find candidates for their clients that those clients cannot find themselves!

Nine fundamental shifts in the way we operate.

Come to Savage Sprint SA to find out exactly how!