Savage Sell

Savage Sell gives you the recipe for accelerated selling, combining global best practice sales techniques with the very latest recruitment ‘insider’ selling tactics .

Here are some of the Savage Sell ingredients:

  • How Artificial intelligence will change recruitment and re-invent the recruiter role—demanding we learn to sell!
  • The brutal truths about selling, including why clients actually buy.
  • The four secret keys to strategic selling.
  • How to differentiate what you offer your clients and candidates.
  • How to sell yourself internally and externally.
  • Vital techniques to build your stature and credibility.
  • The magic secret of ‘social selling’.
  • The power of storytelling in recruiting sales.
  • Selling the rules of engagement to candidates.
  • Selling temp rates to candidates.
  • Selling candidate exclusivity for increased placements.
  • Selling an offer that they can’t refuse.
  • How to conduct a great recruitment sales visit.
  • Selling exclusive job orders to clients.
  • Negotiating perm fees, temp rates & temp to perm fees.
  • The secret sauce on selling to big companies.
  • 7 steps to grow existing clients.
  • Top 10 tips for resilience in selling.