Savage Growth

Powering Profits in Disrupted Times

The Savage Growth Accelerator Master Class




We are expecting a large attendance at these events and would be grateful if attendees can arrive in good time for registration.

‘Savage Growth’  is suitable for owners and managers of recruitment companies and for anyone in a leadership role, or aspiring to leadership.

Business is changing. New competition, client and candidate expectations, technology, delivery channels, financial models. Yet conditions are perfect to differentiate, pull ahead of the market and explode profit growth.
Greg Savage and Chris Savage will guide you on how to do it.

This Savage Growth Accelerator Master Class unlocks the proven growth learnings from their 50 years of experience owning, building, leading, buying and selling recruitment and consulting businesses across the world.

Drawing on the latest, tested consulting-firm growth strategies, and calibrated specifically for recruitment, this half-day seminar is like no other. It will give you a proven Growth Dashboard, and a structured roadmap; all explained over eight ideas-packed, example-rich hours.

Attendees will receive literally hundreds of tips and tactics during the day, but the 10 Big Growth Takeaways will include;

  • A detailed recruiter hiring plan, as well as a key skills template.
  • An action plan for creating a high performance culture.
  • A primer and checklist for effective recruiter coaching.
  • A communications “cheat sheet” to improve recruiter engagement.
  • A social media and digital strategy framework to drive client and candidate acquisition.
  • The key financial ratios, including market benchmarks, to drive performance.
  • The secret on how to differentiate your brand so you stand out and shine.
  • An quick product and services innovation action plan so your offer remains fresh and edgy.
  • The five steps to make more profits, faster, from existing clients.
  • How to shift from being a ‘supplier’ to becoming a Trusted Adviser.

Powerful. Insightful. Relevant. Practical. Critical. Invaluable.

Send your entire senior team, and those you want to take on a growth journey fueled by The Savage Growth Accelerator