Savage Sell

Savage Sell gives you the recipe for accelerated selling, combining global best practice sales techniques with the very latest recruitment ‘insider’ selling tactics .

Here are some of the Savage Sell ingredients:

  • How Artificial intelligence will change recruitment and re-invent the recruiter role—demanding we learn to sell!
  • The brutal truths about selling, including why clients actually buy.
  • The five secret keys to strategic selling.
  • How to differentiate what you offer your clients and candidates.
  • How to sell yourself internally and externally.
  • Vital techniques to build your stature and credibility.
  • How to perfect your ‘pitch’
  • The power of ‘positioning’
  • Collaboration and building your internal brand
  • Become part of “Generation C”
  • Believability branding
  • The magic secret of ‘social selling’.
  • The power of storytelling in recruiting sales.
  • The key to getting customer commitment
  • Getting paid more often for the work we do
  • Selling the rules of engagement to candidates.
  • Selling temp rates to candidates.
  • Selling candidate exclusivity for increased placements.
  • Selling an offer that they can’t refuse.
  • Are you ‘client fit’ or ‘client flabby’.
  • How to conduct a great recruitment sales visit.
  • Selling exclusive job orders to clients.
  • Negotiating perm fees, temp rates & temp to perm fees.
  • Building trust
  • The secret sauce on selling to big companies.
  • 7 steps to grow existing clients.
  • Top 10 tips for resilience in selling.

Savage Sell has been run this year in Australia and New Zealand. Here are some of the comments from the recruiters attending:

This was a really great session for me as a newbie into the world of Recruitment. I’m so excited to take what I’ve learnt and apply it to my work. The session was jam packed with tips, tricks and information that will help you become a standout recruiter. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sarah Solski, Aptitude Recruitment


The savage sell training session has been fun, interesting and extremely insightful when it comes to perfecting what we do every day as Industry Specialists and Influencers. I think it would be valuable for any kind of recruiters… let’s say rookies, consultants, senior consultants or even managers. Highly recommended as it reinforces some concepts that we already know and we have forgotten about and also provides novelty and a vision of what will happen in the future.

Ernesto Vinagre – Randstad


For those of us that see Recruitment as a career, the Savage Series of events is a must attend. Both Greg and Chris are committed to driving the industry forward and I wish more people took note of their message.

Joel Stein, Precision Sourcing Australia


Excellent session – motivating and a reminder that the basics do work – they are there for a reason. Candidate and client care are equally as important as each other – keep them updated all the time!

Caryn Smith, EN World Australia


The Savage brothers are highly energetic and leave you a lasting impression with their educational and inspiring story telling. Greg and Chris shine a light on what we can do as consultants that’s in our control in this ever changing recruitment landscape. There is no doubt they are influencing and shaping the recruitment sector with these Masterclass series.

Philip Divilly – Operations Manager – Quay Appointments


A session full of energy, enthusiasm and direction! Both Chris and Greg remind you how much you love your job and every one in the industry tackles the same hurdles everyday! Never seen two guys make selling look easy!

Lynn – Design and Build


The session was excellent for both experienced recruiters and recruiters new to the industry. Greg and Chris were both motivating, engaging and the content was excellent. I also loved the humour they used. Thank you for a great morning.

Kay Watts, On Q Recruitment


Another great morning spent with these two highly entertaining and informative speakers, who confront, challenge, inform and provoke. I took a lot away from the day and will be spending the weekend in my third space creating new and improving existing processes and practices within the business. I’m expecting some new value add service to come out of that as well. Thanks to Greg, Chris, the RCSA and sponsors for the day.

Jennifer Hobbs, MyHorizon Recruitment


I brought 6 of my Account Managers from Kennedy Reid to today’s session and they all agreed it was an informative and entertaining session. They all had some great take outs from the session. As a business owner it is great to see members of my team get so much out of a training session.

Stuart Freeman, Kennedy Reid


A very worthwhile investment for me and my team – Greg & Chris Savage were on-point as usual!

Tania Kapell, Managing Director, Recruitment Edge


Chris and Greg have an excellent combined energy when presenting and created an engaged audience atmosphere that is not often seen. The session had a good mix of information, tips, examples and humour! Although a lot of content was included, everything was important, relevant and covered in a timely fashion with an enthusiasm that kept my attention. I had a good laugh and learned some invaluable concepts to take back to my desk. I can see this session being valuable to both new recruiters and those who have been working in the industry for a while and want a re-fresher and to reignite their enthusiasm for recruitment!

Belinda Jeffries


I feel that Greg and Chris provide a perfect perspective that as recruiters we must value the services we provide and do this ethically and professionally. Participating in the Savage Sell Event as a team was a very beneficial experience.

Debbie Rawlings, Steps Staffing Solutions


Greg and Chris presented key learning for the people in our industry with great passion, it was informative and entertaining and our team took away some great ideas that we have already started to put into practice.

Jim Cooper, Senior Partner, Appoint Recruitment


This was my first Savage Sell event. I have come out feeling inspired and invigorated and keen to put my learnings into practice.

Chloe McIntosh, Adecco


Greg and Chris’s presentation is energetic, positive, and on point. It’s like getting a gentle kick up the bum from a good mate.

 Stephen Moir, RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA


I recommend the savage seminars to both new and experience recruiters as the information is always relevant and informative. You always come away from the seminar with new inspiring ideas.

Tiziana Smith, Just Recruitment


Always an energetic presentation, well suited to staff needing to revisit the core values of what we do and staff new to the industry that need the foundations. Greg is so very knowledgeable of the industry, he has great experiences to share.

Kylie Heffernan, HOBAN Recruitment


Great value in this action packed session so professionally delivered with humour and expert understanding of the difficult job a recruiter faces on a daily basis. Both Greg and Chris give so much energy and passion to the presentation – you go away feeling renewed , ramped up and refueled! Thank you both and well done!

Bunty Paramor, Paramor Experienced Recruiters


The Adecco Perth team really enjoyed the Savage Sell Training today. Greg & Chris did an amazing job at delivering this. They were both very engaging and interacted with their audience to ensure we were kept interested through the morning. It’s always good to refresh our recruitment strategy! We will definitely take some key points from today and put them to good use in our everyday working lives.

Michelle Kearns, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Adecco Australia

Greg and Chris presented the content with ease. An engaging and informative session with a lot of takeaways for our business.

Melissa Freeman


You don’t have to be a recruitment consultant to derive value from Savage Sell. Much of the content applies to good consulting practice regardless of your role or industry. I would encourage all recruitment agency staff to attend Savage Sell; you will gain further understanding and insights into the world of the recruitment consultant.

Mandy Young, Group Management Accountant, Hender Consulting


I found today’s Savage Sell Master Class session to be very thought provoking and relevant. Especially the information pertaining to future recruitment processes and AI. Both Greg and Chris connect with the audience and provide clear illustrations and examples

Jenny Walterfang, Zancott Recruitment Pty Ltd


Today’s Savage Sell Masterclass was amazing!! It was extremely interesting, informative, easy to follow, there were excellent examples and tools shared and the delivery was exceptional and engaging!

Rachel Stratford, Zancroft Recruitment